My favorite job before becoming a doula was working as an in-home caregiver, which is very similar to doula work in many ways. Having studied and practiced biblical counseling, I bring a counselor’s heart to your prenatal appointments to help you truly prepare for the birth you want. I also bring this heart to your birth as I support you in the emotional journey of birth, and to your postpartum visit as I help you process your birth.

Because of my unique blend of training and experience in both counseling and doula work, I am a good choice as a doula for:

– Any who want to pursue inner transformation during their birth
– Those who have disappointing and/or traumatic previous births
– Those who have a heritage of traumatic births (i.e. mother, grandmother, etc.)
– Survivors of abuse
– And anyone else who would appreciate the extra depths I can go to in our prenatal and postpartum visits, as well as during your birth

In addition to the transformative and emotional side of birth, I also have done extended study in spinning babies, what different labor patterns mean, and what positions help in different situations. My toolbox includes all the standard “comfort measures” most doulas use for labor as well as a lot of “outside the box” ways to cope that I have learned from my extensive reading.

Contact me now to set up a FREE consultation. Options include a phone call, a video chat, or meeting in a library or coffee shop near where you live to talk face-to-face. We could always start by texting back and forth and/or having a brief phone conversation:

Email: me@morielle.us

Phone: 406-529-9554

Instagram: detroit.doula

Morielle bottle-feeding a 1-day-old lamb she fostered for a few months.