“Morielle was my doula for my baby who was born July 2023 and I cannot imagine having had this experience without a doula and particularly Morielle. What she provided both in mental, emotional, and physical support, before, during and after the birth was incredible. 

She helped talk me though preparing for the birth, asking me questions that compelled me to consider if I was actually preparing mentally and physically for the kind of birth I aspired for, providing tips and tools to support my goals. I had a beautiful pregnancy, and Morielle’s advice and support in my third trimester impacted me.

Labour began 2 weeks after my due date, so contrary to my plan, I ended up going in for a hospital induction. Prior to that I labored at the birthing center, which stalled on and off for 2 days. Morielle was there every step of the way, talking us through the hard decisions, and coaching me through the labour. 

She was the perfect presence- not overwhelming, but close by when needed. She and my husband tag teamed off each other through long hours. Her presence of mind was an amazing mental foundation for me through an emotional time. She was there for the labour and birth, along side a team of hospital staff, yet still giving me advice, and I appreciated that she perservered through all the chaos. Having a trusted face, in addition to my husband, who understood what was going on and could advocate for me made all the difference. 

Though I had an incredibly healthy baby with a natural birth, emotionally I struggled working through everything that had happened completely contrary to my birthing center plan.  Morielle talked me through that too, and helped me come to a peace, offering some tools for working through mentally and emotionally.

I could say more, but I highly recommend Morielle as a doula, and would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family, and use her services for myself again.” (Christy, client)

“Morielle was a peaceful and incredibly helpful presence during pregnancy and birth. She was insightful, calm, and knowledgeable. She offered ideas, strategies, exercises, and knowledge that helped me immensely. Her peaceful presence helped me navigate difficulties during pregnancy, such as having a baby in the breech position and undergoing the ECV procedure. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for emotional, physical, and spiritual support during pregnancy and childbirth!” (Elyse, client)

Provider Testimonials

“Very supportive/assistive with comfort/positioning.” (Nurse, University of Michigan Hospital)

“Morielle was a calming presence for the client.” (Nurse, Mclaren Greater Lansing Hospital)

“She was a great support for the patient!” (Nurse, Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak)